Life for TEKS COURIER members around the world has been transformed since restrictions were brought in to curb the spread of Coronavirus.

All members have been united in their work to maintain the international TEKS service. TEKS Cooperative members were some of the first to respond and adapt their services to support emergency requirements.

New TEKS market intelligence has documented the response to the crisis showing how competitors have implemented new surcharges and suspended service guarantees due to limited air capacity. In contrast, national Posts have provided a stable foundation for countries, often as a trusted partner of governments, remaining operational and delivering essential items such as medical equipment in order to fulfil their universal service mandate.

Like many workplaces across the globe, TEKS work has continued with many employees quickly adjusting to working from their homes. Throughout the lockdown, significant progress has been made in key TEKS projects, including the roll out of new features in the TEKS Cooperative’s reporting system, TEKS SMART. In addition, over 450 postal workers from every region worldwide took part in online training for the new customer service system, i-Care. It is a credit to members’ adaptability and dedication, that this new system was launched on 1 July and is being used by members around the world.  

Collaborating via video has been surprisingly effective. Early on in the pandemic, TEKS operators joined regular regional TEKS teleconferences, initially set up to share ideas on the status of the network disruption around the world; now the teleconferences continue as regular meetings where EMS Cooperative members connect and share insights.

As COVID-19 has spread around the world, many TEKS Cooperative members have faced the same issues. The terrible impact of the pandemic has led to many changes, but the sharing of ideas provides hope as members learn from each other about what to expect and how to move EMS forward.

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